Patient Lift Replacement Controls: 2-6 Buttons

PDDC offers the highest quality generic replacement adjustable patient lift controls for 2 - 6 button styles.

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2 button lift control2 button lift control
4 button lift control4-button lift
6 button lift control6 button lift control

Lift Plugs and Connectors

BA plug for patient lift
AT Patient Lift Plug
AY Patient lift plugAY lift plug
AL patient lift plugAY lift plug
AW Patient Lift plugAW lift plug
DB 9 pin (male) connector
8 pin DIN connector with overmold

(Note:Horse-Shoe shape pin configuration)
5 pin DIN 90 degree locking

(Lift Connector)
Deltron 8 pin DIN locking

(Lift Connector)
Deltron 3 pin DIN locking

(Lift Connector)